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Jazz: Plus if they did they just can shot down like really quick. Someone like Drift would just be killed, its the old bringing a knife to a gun fight scenario. Mar 30, 2015 22:28:59 GMT -5
Jazz: Basically our system is based on a military-like system, where most aspect of fighting can be covered depending on what you set your skill level at. So strictly hand to hand warriors do not exist. Mar 30, 2015 22:27:24 GMT -5
Jazz: At level 6, your Firearm Skills/Heavy Weapons Training stays at Level between Fighting Skill levels 7-9 but goes to Level 7 when your Level 10 Fighting Skill. Mar 30, 2015 22:24:21 GMT -5
Jazz: Think of a fighting skill of 6 to be the top of military combat training. And then anything higher is when there fight training goes beyond that and they just worked on their hand to hand. Mar 30, 2015 22:13:18 GMT -5
Jazz: There is no such thing as non-existent ranged combat in our system. Basically strong martial art warriors have a fighting skill between 7-10 and the ranged combat doesn't get much higher. Mar 30, 2015 22:11:24 GMT -5
RipRaw: If I wanted my char to be great in melee but non existent in ranged combat skill, how does that work for fighting skill? Mar 30, 2015 21:48:16 GMT -5
RipRaw: I love all the abilities/equipment you have listed here. I'm having trouble whittling 18 points down to the max of 9 Mar 30, 2015 21:43:22 GMT -5
RipRaw: hehe, nice ideas. The char I have in mind is more the brutal efficiency type Mar 30, 2015 21:41:36 GMT -5
Jazz: If he has ego then maybe despite his high fighting skill he can make a careless mistake. Or if he's cocky he can underestimate the situation. Or if he's too lazy to even try and use his great fighting skills. Mar 30, 2015 21:37:40 GMT -5
Jazz: Your speciality skill can also reflect a character personality. For example, if a warrior is lazy and doesn't keep his weapons in a proper working state, then his speciality skill may not be so high. Mar 30, 2015 21:36:19 GMT -5
RipRaw: ahh, that now makes sense, Thank you Mar 30, 2015 21:28:25 GMT -5
Bomblast: If you had a character with fighting skill of 10 and specialist skill of 1, that would mean your character has excellent training but very little actual combat experience. Mar 30, 2015 21:22:52 GMT -5
RipRaw: how does "Specialist Skill" synergise with "Fighting SKill" when specialist skill is fighting based? Mar 30, 2015 21:13:48 GMT -5
Bomblast: Go to this forum and make your character there. Never know when the need for a Decepticon character might arise. Mar 30, 2015 20:59:31 GMT -5
RipRaw: I have an original character I would like to make here, a Decepticon shock trooper melee specialist, but I'm not sure they would fit in here Mar 30, 2015 20:49:29 GMT -5
RipRaw: I read the Armada comics eons ago, anything like those? Mar 30, 2015 20:40:39 GMT -5
Hoist: Welcome ripraw! We currently also have an upcoming Armada rp although it won't be like the show. :) Mar 30, 2015 20:36:36 GMT -5
RipRaw: I have a question, other than Tf Prime: Wreckers, what other settings are currently available for RPing in? Mar 30, 2015 19:57:19 GMT -5
RipRaw: ok, wont use that smiley agen ::) Mar 30, 2015 19:40:39 GMT -5
RipRaw: Good day good sir/ma'am :D Mar 30, 2015 19:40:19 GMT -5
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