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thekingofvintage: the conceptus currus wall is open as of Jul 12, 2014 16:35:24 GMT -5
Straight Edge: Jul 11, 2014 18:51:58 GMT -5
Straight Edge: Given the seeming updates to the character creation thread, could someone take a look at mine and see if it still works? Jul 11, 2014 18:51:53 GMT -5
Bomblast: You had to go through 3 pages of characters to get to that one. There were plenty of others in those 3 pages that have stats of 9 or 10. Jul 11, 2014 9:19:16 GMT -5
Straight Edge: Oh I know where it is. I just saw someone with a tech spec of nine and it seemed odd to me, so I thought I'd ask. Jul 10, 2014 22:06:02 GMT -5
Jazz: And the whole thing was a work in progress for years. Good thing Onix came in when he did or I may have been still working on it for years to come. Jul 10, 2014 20:27:02 GMT -5
Onix's Prime Ribs: The character creation guide has everything you should need to know about creating a profile. Me and Jazz spent weeks writing and perfecting it. If you can't find it in there, you probably haven't looked hard enough. Jul 10, 2014 17:29:53 GMT -5
Jazz: I do know the answer. Just look through the Character Creation Guide yourself. I would usual question a stat based on something that doesn't make sense. Like fighting skill of 10 for a medic might cause some questioning. Jul 10, 2014 10:30:10 GMT -5
Bomblast: You can have up to 4 skills at 10, then split the other 6 points between the rest. Jazz created the Character Creation guide. Jul 10, 2014 4:05:35 GMT -5
SkyRider: ^^ Jul 9, 2014 23:22:30 GMT -5
Straight Edge: Not sure, I was hoping you guys would know. Otherwise, I'm definitely putting one of my skills at nine! XD Jul 9, 2014 23:22:11 GMT -5
Jazz: Does it say that somewhere in the Character Creation guide or RPG rules? Jul 9, 2014 22:56:26 GMT -5
Straight Edge: Hey guys, just a quick question, having a 9 on any of your tech specs requires mod permission correct? Jul 9, 2014 22:40:53 GMT -5
Jazz: or maybe I've just been taking my stupid pills again???? Jul 9, 2014 21:45:55 GMT -5
Jazz: ..... I'm having serious Doctor Who withdrawals.... Jul 9, 2014 21:28:12 GMT -5
Jazz: K9! Bad dog! Jul 9, 2014 21:27:48 GMT -5
Jazz: Am I the only one who doesn't like the colour of my kidneys? Jul 9, 2014 21:27:34 GMT -5
Jazz: Would you fancy a jelly bean? Jul 9, 2014 21:26:52 GMT -5
Jazz: Am I a good man? Jul 9, 2014 21:26:42 GMT -5
Jazz: I look forward to killing you in battle! Jul 9, 2014 21:22:14 GMT -5
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