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Welcome to the TTF Shoutbox! Guest Shouting enabled. Please do not abuse, or it will be withdrawn. Thank-you,
Jazz: I think he's talking about Ripraw Mar 31, 2015 20:33:36 GMT -5
Tundra the Thundercat: >> Nope no new blood here Mar 31, 2015 20:21:52 GMT -5
Thunderwing: *sniff-sniff* I smeall new blood at TTF.... Mar 31, 2015 19:59:43 GMT -5
Jazz: Looks like I didn't edit that part. Minicons can have a few powers, depending how the points are decided between a minicon and their user. So far the minicon characters have average about 3 powers. Mar 31, 2015 19:41:11 GMT -5
RipRaw: in the character creation guide, it say Minicons are allowed ONE power, but it looks like every minicon thus far created has multiple, is the rule correct or the masses? Mar 31, 2015 18:52:07 GMT -5
RipRaw: I was looking at the Armada OOC stuff and wondering hoe much of the RP will take place on spaceships, and if it was worth considering things like hull breaches and space combat with zero gravity Mar 31, 2015 16:50:06 GMT -5
RipRaw: I was looking over your Wildspark char and seeing similarities to what I have in mind Mar 31, 2015 16:48:27 GMT -5
Tundra the Thundercat: Even if you have a melee/close combat specialist for here they are bound to have a distance weapon. Like my character Vela for example prefers close combat but still has a long distance weapon. Mar 31, 2015 16:41:58 GMT -5
Tundra the Thundercat: Well you can give them an increased Strength, Melee, or Weapons Boost which you have a combat knife, assassin's blade, and arm blades as a choice which are in my opinion primarily a melee choice of either of them Mar 31, 2015 16:40:42 GMT -5
RipRaw: I'm just going to apologize right now and admit I have a fondness for the unorthodox when it come to character creation. Is there any way I can wrangle dual melee? (perhaps as minicon granted ability) Mar 31, 2015 16:18:01 GMT -5
Jazz: Yup! Mar 31, 2015 16:02:11 GMT -5
RipRaw: any need for security chief type character? Mar 31, 2015 16:01:01 GMT -5
Jazz: Tundra is correct, we are aiming to make the Minicons more like characters with personalities. While some common themes from Aramada are here, were aiming to be different. No 'beep-beep-beep' voices, no gotta get them all gimmicks. Mar 31, 2015 15:44:44 GMT -5
Tundra the Thundercat: Think we were aiming for something different here, far as I can tell. Mar 31, 2015 15:30:49 GMT -5
RipRaw: as for the no minicon, I was just musing. It always felt like they were slaves/servants than fully fleshed out characters in their own right Mar 31, 2015 15:22:24 GMT -5
RipRaw: 9 Factions, X-Men, X students, brotherhood, hellfire club, Shield etc etc. Stories range from two friends hanging out to site wide plots affecting everyone Mar 31, 2015 15:21:12 GMT -5
Jazz: As for the no minion partner let me think on it. Any reason why you don't want a Minicon? Mar 31, 2015 14:06:20 GMT -5
Jazz: Like, 9 stories within one RPG? Or 9 RPGs? Mar 31, 2015 14:05:37 GMT -5
RipRaw: quick question, can I create a bot with no minicon partner? Mar 31, 2015 13:35:47 GMT -5
RipRaw: I used to RP on an Xmen site. I wasn't there really all that long but the site is 7 years old now I think. Off the top of my head there were 9 factions and many many concurrent stories Mar 31, 2015 13:31:19 GMT -5
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