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Total Transformers is a friendly, family oriented community for fans old and new to the franchise spanning cartoons, comics, movies, games, toys and much more. It has also been home to our third fictional faction The Renegades, of which we used in roleplay until 2016 and some Interactive Stories.

We are the longest running Transformers community on ProBoards and invite you to join our family! You must be 13 years old or older to join this community. Thank-you.

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EXCLUSIVE! to members only of Total Transformers, for the first time; our uncut story of the beginning of our third fictional faction - THE RENEGADES. Written by Jazz, the whole 30 chapter epic of how things started!



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It doesn't all have to be gloom and doom going into December (Back to school, end of the summer). For next month in honour of Transformers the movie 86' turning 35 recently next month's month long theme will be dedicated to the original animated movie! Share your thoughts from the time or whether you saw it later in life - coming this September at Total Transformers!

As a member, either of this message board or our official Facebook page you'll get acess to our Friday night chats in Discord! The link will be in our top navigation bar on Fridays at the alotted time; which is 8PM GMT time. You'll have to work out what time it is for you in your timezone, but we're open all night through!

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During the 19+ year lifespan of our message board and continuing through via this website, The Renegades have been our third fictional roleplay faction since 2002. Who are they though? What are they about and why do they call themselves neither Autobots or Decepticons? Click the "Renegades" link in the main menu (Above) to find out more!


From 2002 until 2016 Total Transformers was proud to initiate and diversify in roleplaying, from humble beginnings in each of the main GM's online lives to the early days on other message boards and setting up through new found friends online.

Although we no longer offer this service, find out how we got started in our guide:

The History of roleplaying at Total Transformers

Since this community began we've been creating our own custom characters using our RP rules and character creation rules, whether for any RP itself or just for fun!.

Login now to see the many characters and create your own!

Another aspect (As well as our past rolelay) that has kept members coming back is our VECTOR SIGMA forum where you can create your own custom Transformers characters. Using our tried and tested roleplay character creation template, you can bring your own Transformer to life!


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