The Guns Of Fort St Pyrotron

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The Guns Of Fort St Pyrotron
A mighty fortress, jutting out of the tip of the great sloping mountains and bottomless scars in the battle-torn earth that is the Sonic Canyons. Many years ago, it guarded the divide between the provinces of Polyhex and Altihex, never sleeping, never ceasing in its duty of protecting the Autobot Borders.

Now, however, it lies forgotten, dust settling, mecha-spider cobwebs forming, slowly dying. Until, that is, a token resistance of Autobots, constantly on the run from Decepticon law enforcement, desperately attempting to stay out of the concentration camps, stumble upon it...

What has made its home in the bowels of this arcane fortress? Will the Autobots be able to hold out against the gargantuan Decepticon threat? And what is the fabled Spark Of Prime Nova, said to be able to shift the tide of battle... for ever?
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Hoist: "Well that's just PRIME!' Oct 20, 2023 15:52:49 GMT -5
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