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From 2002 until 2016 Total Transformers was proud to initiate and diversify in roleplaying, from humble beginnings in each of the main GM's online lives to the early days on other message boards and setting up through new found friends online.

Although we no longer offer this service, find out how we got started in our guide:

The History of roleplaying at Total Transformers

Since this community began we've been creating our own custom characters using our RP rules and character creation rules, whether for any RP itself or just for fun!.

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Updated: 06th March 2015. Rules about Death added to out General Rules sticky.

All roleplay rules, point systems, weapon characterists (Damage they do) and character creation templates are copyright of Total Transformers/TTF/totaltfs.com; copyright 2002 - 2015 and cannot be used anywhere without direct permission from the Site Owner - Hoist.

Welcome to our guide to Roleplaying at TTF! So what did you need to know to get started, well here's a quick guide/F.A.Q. of things you needed to know and procedure. Whether your a first timer or an experienced roleplayer, you still have to remember you're new to this site and our rp rules. However, we welcomed anyone with potential from beginner to novice.

What should I do first?

First and foremost we had our TTF RP Rules & Guidlines
The thread covered activity, attempted actions when fighting, general rules and what to do and what not to do. At TTF we don't have "levels" of roleplay but we do expected players to be literate. There was no set word count/amount per post, we just asked you try for a good amount and the very best effort you can put it. We did not allow god-modding and OTT players and actions, and all players were to follow by a code of conduct as set by the rules in the link above. At the same time no creating your own sub-plots going off on your own tangents, mummy & daddy transformers, shipping and stuff like that. There are plenty of other sites for that.


Our all-in-one Character Creation guide 2016 showed you how to create a character with profile templates as well. We have developed & perfected this over the last 20 years+, It covered transformers size classes, points, and weapons which use the War For/Fall of Cybertron very much as a basis.

All characters were developed in our specialized Vector Sigma forum, where you can also create your own characters just for fun. All roleplay characters however, make sure you had actually read and understand the rules, and the character creation guide, and that your characters aren't too over-the-top or excessive as well as complying to the rules and point system. If it was not approved, you just had to make the neccassery changes.

Once it's approved you could start a fight! In our: Total Carnage: RP Battle SIMM if you wish.. Even if you've roleplayed before, you haven't roleplayed with us, or using our rules. So it gives us a chance to see how capable you are and how you interact with other characters and with others when fighting. Also to make sure of course you've actually read the rules. This will make or break whether you are allowed to join one of our rp's not not. Of course we don't expect everyone to be perfect first time, that is why we are on hand to guide you and help you meet your potential. It is only likely that you won't be accepted if you completetly fail to understand and comprehend the rules or constantly power-play. From January 1st 2015 it was mandatory that you have a SIMM fight first, even if you're a late-comer to an already started rp. No SIMM fight = no entry to an rp/Interactive story period.

Once approved you can go to edit your profile post in Vector Sigma, copy the contents in the BB editor and paste in the relevant faction profiles thread. These can could be found in the related roleplay forum of the parent "Roleplay" board. Please use plain text (Not coloured) for your submissions only so they could be read easily.

Our last feature RP was the next chapter in our Renegade RP. Following on from our last RP - The Omega Kingdom, the Renegades have recovered from there losses and King Atlas is dead, there next mission however lies at Grimstone Prison where thoudsands of Autobots lie dead and the their staff there are struggling to keep the inmates in check. The Renegades set off on their new mission to give the Autobot forces some much needed back up but while their other team check out a local museum only to beseiged by Decepticons. With the Renegades under fire at both the prison and the mnuseum and old faces from the first Cybertron War showing up can they maintain order?

The RENEGADES are our third fictional faction here at TTF that we have been using to roleplay since 2002. Not bound by Autobot restrictions and protocol they bring justice and action against the Decepticons in their own way, even if the Autobots get in the way.

TTF RP Rules & Guidlines

Character Creation guide 2016

Total Carnage: Battle SIMM

RP Rules // Support & Discussion

Roleplay Archives

Interactive Stories

Interactive Stories archive.

if you are away, That's fine, you just had to let us know in the relevant rp forum's ooc thread! (Every rp board should had one.) If your going to be away for an extended amount of time, let us know and we can work around it, or temporarily take over your character whailst your on holiday.ANy character away for weeks on end (3+, without any notice, we reserved the right to take over your character, and take action, removing the character if neccasary. Everone should be able to post AT LEAST once a week. We appreciate people get busy, but we cannot except weeks on end with no posts, it slows things to a standstill and it is not fair on the other players.

Could members start their own RP or Interactive story? Yes! Or at least you can pitch the idea in either the RP Rules // Support & Discussion forum or Interactive Stories Plans & Discussions, depending on which it is. Typically it will only be granted a board if it's afully explored, thought out idea, and enough people are interested in doing it.

What is an Interactive Story?.. An Interactive Story was a typically a much faster style of rp told in smaller chapters with less emphasis on rules and points systems. Of course characters still have to be approved, but it's a much more of a "Short story" kind of roleplay.

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During the 20+ year lifespan of our message board and continuing through via this website, The Renegades have been our third fictional roleplay faction since 2002. Who are they though? What are they about and why do they call themselves neither Autobots or Decepticons? Click the "Renegades" link in the main menu (Above) to find out more!



Quick Links

Renegade RP (2002 - 2009) - Where it all began with our third fictional faction. Following the death of Optimus Prime a crew of Autobot outlaws who believe there is an intel leak are reformatted by the new Autobot leader heading the new faction: The Renegades.

Beast Wars Chapters 3 - 6. Whilst on a rescue mission to transport councillor stasis pods, a crew are stranded on an old ancient planet..

EarthForce RP - Earth 2200. A crew of Autobots travel to Earth but are shot down and kept in stasis as an resistance group in L.A. Fight against an opressive goverment using mech suits and learns of the AUtobots and want to set thenm free. %0 years later, the group have become mentors for new recruits and a Decepticon warship turns up on Earth, Will the Zentradi help the goverment or Autobots? Will the Goverment re-awaken the Autobots in light of the new invasion in this new 3 way war..

The Broken Planet - A War For Cybertron RP - With the Autobots having left Cybertron leaving a skeleton crew headed by Optimus Prime, the remaining Autobots still have to stop Megatron who is continuing to experiment with Dark Energon with deadly plans to use it to ignite the planets defenses and planerty core engines and turn it into a deadly planetry killing machine..

Renegade RP (2010- 2016) - In The Omega Kingdom, with the emergence of a brand new Renegade team, high expectations for the young warriors are high. Many within the Autobots don't feel that Cybertron, that has been at pace for over 10 million years needs them. Once again it seems that even a new generation of Renegades need to prove themselves. Wasting no time, Optanic Prime presses Latyrx7 and Hoist to put the Renegades to task with a dilemma that has appeared. An unseen force has been moving in across the planet, undermining communities, business and government where murder has been a tool in the hostile take overs all over Cybertron. The Renegade must be stealthy as they work above the law and to perverse the peace the Autobots have fought so hard for.

In Renegades: No Masters, No Shackles - The Renegade RPG has finally returned! Our reluctant heroes are faced with the fallout of the Omega Kingdom where they face utter and complete shut down if they are unable to discover just who exactly the secret organization known as The Union are. But to make matters worse, it would seem that a old enemy of the Autobots has returned. The Insecticon and once herald of Unicron Shrapnel. How is it possible that he has returned is unsure and what this means for the Renegades.