'The Omega Kingdom

Completed With the emergence of a brand new Renegade team, high expectations for the young warriors are high. Many within the Autobots don't feel that Cybertron, that has been at pace for over 10 million years needs them. Once again it seems that even a new generation of Renegades need to prove themselves. Wasting no time, Optanic Prime presses Latyrx7 and Hoist to put the Renegades to task with a dilemma that has appeared. An unseen force has been moving in across the planet, undermining communities, business and government where murder has been a tool in the hostile take overs all over Cybertron. The Renegade must be stealthy as they work above the law and to perverse the peace the Autobots have fought so hard for.

Moderator: Hoist

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by Aqualec
Dec 22, 2010 19:51:00 GMT -5

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Renegade RP 2010 - 2016
Features The Omega Kingdom & No Masters, No shakles

Eons after Episode 9, the Renegades return for brand new RP adventures, a new generation of misfits. With no wars in over 10 million years, just who would want to go and start one now?
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Jazz: If we yell "Renegades.... REACTIVATE!!!" does Heavy Assault appear? Mar 29, 2023 1:36:55 GMT -5
Hoist: BIMP! Feb 22, 2023 11:05:51 GMT -5
THE REAL HEAVYASSAULT!!!!: CRASH AND BURN!!!! Feb 16, 2023 13:11:18 GMT -5
Hoist: Renegades.... REACTIVATE!!! Dec 11, 2022 21:57:26 GMT -5
Galra Keith: Thanks Jazz Aug 25, 2022 18:41:15 GMT -5
Jazz: Welcome GK!! Aug 25, 2022 11:08:05 GMT -5
Galra Keith: Thanks :) Aug 24, 2022 20:44:31 GMT -5
Hoist: Welcome GK! Aug 24, 2022 12:06:21 GMT -5
Galra Keith: doing good :) I'm visiting Florida now staying for a month till the end of September. It's very hot down here Aug 22, 2022 7:23:17 GMT -5
Hoist: Hiya! How you doing? Aug 21, 2022 13:31:24 GMT -5
Galra Keith : Good Morning everyone! :) Aug 20, 2022 6:45:47 GMT -5
Galra Keith : Optimus Prime No. I'm always hanging around at TCA (The Cybertron Archive) Aug 20, 2022 6:45:07 GMT -5
Hoist: Not that I'm aware of, but imagine that if he was.. Jun 16, 2022 13:29:15 GMT -5
Jazz: WAS HE OPTIMUS PRIME?!?!?!?!?!? Jun 15, 2022 0:12:24 GMT -5
Jazz: Was he a TF: Civil War player? Jun 15, 2022 0:12:07 GMT -5
Hoist: From another site. :) Jun 13, 2022 20:16:26 GMT -5
Jazz: Who is Galra Keith? Jun 11, 2022 16:07:23 GMT -5
Hoist: I'm not sure what happened to Blot/Sunstreaker, i'm not sure if Jazz keeps in touch with him or not.. Apr 29, 2022 14:12:17 GMT -5
Galra Keith : Anyone here remember Blot owner of Transformers Civil War and Drifter owner of Transfanatics? What ever happen to them? Apr 26, 2022 14:10:06 GMT -5
Hoist: About time! Apr 9, 2022 6:54:32 GMT -5
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