The North American Base

Thunderclap's continuing story,

The North American Base [Earth]
by Neo Calrissian
Jun 16, 2009 14:55:45 GMT -5
Batteries Not Included.

Penitentiary Station has been attacked! No-one knows from where or by whom but an automated distress call was broadcasted. An elite group of Transformers has decided to investigate to uncover the secret mystery..

Scene 1 - Kavizs Prax.
by Thunderclap
Mar 20, 2009 22:13:44 GMT -5
Fire Dome

Neoconvoy333's continuing story.

Fire Dome
by Thunderclap
Jun 8, 2009 22:06:50 GMT -5
A Russian Beginning

Please see RP Discussions & Plans forum for details about this Interactive Story.

Village Advance
by Thunderclap
Sept 11, 2009 7:14:15 GMT -5
The Beast Below

Transformers don't celebrate Halloween, but if they did they might think twice about this secret mission underneath Cybertron's surface down the deep, dark and dirty waste tunnels...

A special week long Halloween Interactive Story, starts 9pm.

Heading Out
by Bomblast
Feb 23, 2011 19:21:59 GMT -5
The South American Insertion

An Allspark Fragment, which after going through the Amazon River, is then picked up by the rebels and take it to their main base. Not aware of it, it soon is placed in an armory with other items. Soon, governmental forces assume that the rebels have nuclear capability and the British Government orders that "the Nuclear Device" be retrieved. They send 12 Troop, Special Air Service to the Amazon Jungle, where the base is located. Dropped into the river by an airborne drop, 12 Troop soon move through the jungle in ghillie suits to try and recover the "Device". But meanwhile, the Altech Organisation makes it's move, sending a force after the Allspark Fragment, but learning that things are going to be messy as they learn about the British assuming that they think the Allspark to be a nuclear Device. As the team goes into the Amazon, they have to go and retrieve the device from the hands of not only the Rebels, who are heavily armed and willing to fight hard, but from the Decepticons, who have learned of the information.

Profiles - Humans
by $hØ©Këyë
Oct 7, 2009 3:48:08 GMT -5
Transformers: Animated - The Continuing Adventures

Back on Cybertron, the Autobots are at peace with the Decepticons. As they prepare a memorial in Prowls honor, Strika and her Decepticons plan to break their way into the facility and bust Megatron and several other Decepticons out..

The first responders are a group of Autobot's that are on active duty during the graveyard shift. Acting fast they are lead by the chief security guard to a ship in the facilities hangar bay and give chase to the escaped Decepticons.

Characters the aren't available:

Moderator: Onix Solo

OOC: Question, Concerns & General Chat
by Jazzman Crothers
Apr 24, 2012 8:35:19 GMT -5
The Guns Of Fort St Pyrotron

A mighty fortress, jutting out of the tip of the great sloping mountains and bottomless scars in the battle-torn earth that is the Sonic Canyons. Many years ago, it guarded the divide between the provinces of Polyhex and Altihex, never sleeping, never ceasing in its duty of protecting the Autobot Borders.

Now, however, it lies forgotten, dust settling, mecha-spider cobwebs forming, slowly dying. Until, that is, a token resistance of Autobots, constantly on the run from Decepticon law enforcement, desperately attempting to stay out of the concentration camps, stumble upon it...

What has made its home in the bowels of this arcane fortress? Will the Autobots be able to hold out against the gargantuan Decepticon threat? And what is the fabled Spark Of Prime Nova, said to be able to shift the tide of battle... for ever?

OOC Thread
by Bomblast
Mar 24, 2011 10:57:11 GMT -5
Beast Wars Ascension II: Betrayal Of The Insectrons

Active With the Cybertrons fixing their delapidated ship to set up a communications array, and the Destrons using the super-computer to their full advantage for a new base, both teams find themselves pre-occuppied having discovered other Transformers on the planet, the deadly Insectrons. But whom will ally with whom and find them first and at what price?

Moderator: Hoist

Destron Profiles (GM only)
by Hoist
Apr 6, 2013 8:10:37 GMT -5

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