GOFSP: When A Good Mech Goes to War

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GOFSP: When A Good Mech Goes to War
[ON HIATUS] Until there is a time to continue.
The next saga in the Guns of Fort St Pyrotron.

Cybertron, Iacon. Currently the hunting ground of Lord Straxus and his army of fanatical Decepticons. It is nearly half a deca-cycle since a massive Autobot offensive, known as Operation: Plaugeswarm, failed, and the ringleaders, Hellraiser and Lightningrod, two of Optimus Prime's closest consorts, were brutally killed in battle. The legacy is broken and with the Autobot combat troops almost halved, Lord Straxus takes the opportunity to declare the war won. The Autobots, officially, no longer exist.

A handful of mechs, the final survivors of Plaugeswarm, left their refuge at Fort St Pyrotron after coming into contact with the hugely powerful entity known as the Spark of Prime Nova, and are travelling across the wastes to Iacon, to meet up with an intrepid band of 'ex' Autobots. They come to recruit, steal, assassinate, and re-ignite the Prime cause. They think they've won. Prove them wrong.
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Welcome to the TTF Shoutbox! Please do not abuse, or it will be withdrawn. Thank-you.
Jazz Man Crothers: ANTE-UP!!!! Aug 24, 2023 12:45:29 GMT -5
Hoist: Paaaanrific! Jul 29, 2023 19:48:13 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: #1 SUPER GUY!! Jul 29, 2023 17:58:20 GMT -5
Hoist: Jazz Man Crothers??! Here comes Hoist Kong Phooey! Jul 28, 2023 6:19:30 GMT -5
reddtherage: ok Jul 17, 2023 10:39:10 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: Make your own soldier-size canon. Remember, you can do what you want in Vector Sigma and use the CCG as a guide. When it comes to RPG characters, the submitted profile may have to be altered to strict CCG standards. Jul 16, 2023 23:21:28 GMT -5
reddtherage: so, I wanted to make a new custom transformer that is rp ready today, based upon some concept art I found, but the issue is that I need him to be a solder not a brute size transformer and is also a tank. can I modify the mega-cannon alt mode to fit or no? Jul 16, 2023 20:20:25 GMT -5
Hoist: Good thanks. you? Jul 9, 2023 4:29:48 GMT -5
Nebulous: Hi folks, how we doing? :) Jul 8, 2023 19:08:36 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: As a Canadian, those two words would be, "I'm sorry." Jul 2, 2023 21:57:40 GMT -5
Hoist: I thought that was gonna go WWE style, "If you don't like it, I got two words for ya!...." Jul 2, 2023 7:07:54 GMT -5 *
Jazz Man Crothers: If you don't like the new TTF colours (though you should!) do like South Park and blame Canada. :D Jun 30, 2023 23:43:04 GMT -5
Hoist: We need new recruits... Apr 22, 2023 7:09:47 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: Are we going to have a new Renegade character and player in the near future??? (Looks at RedtheRage) Apr 14, 2023 19:30:22 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: If we yell "Renegades.... REACTIVATE!!!" does Heavy Assault appear? Mar 29, 2023 1:36:55 GMT -5
Hoist: BIMP! Feb 22, 2023 11:05:51 GMT -5
THE REAL HEAVYASSAULT!!!!: CRASH AND BURN!!!! Feb 16, 2023 13:11:18 GMT -5
Hoist: Renegades.... REACTIVATE!!! Dec 11, 2022 21:57:26 GMT -5
Galra Keith: Thanks Jazz Aug 25, 2022 18:41:15 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: Welcome GK!! Aug 25, 2022 11:08:05 GMT -5
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