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Cybertron, home world of the Transformers -the children of Primus. Eons before the first civil war, Cybertron lived in peace under the guidance of the Original 13 Transformers. Of those 13, the one known as Prima guarded the most cherished artifact on Cybertron, the one link the Transformers had to their creator, the Matrix. Within his Star Saber, Prima maintained balance on Cybertron, and it was to remain so until the last star in the universe burned out. Or so it was meant to be. The Quintessons dominated the peaceful planet and assumed total control. No one knew where they came from and why they enslaved Cybertron. As a final insurance to keep the Transformers under control, their spirits were broken when the Quintessons destroyed all knowledge of Primus, Unicron and the Matrix. Prima himself disappeared, his fate unknown. The Transformers, are now slaves to merciless masters; left with no hope for freedom, except for the rumours and the fables that a great warrior race will emerge from their ranks, lead by one of the original 13 Transformers and that the Matrix will one day resurface.
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Till all are shoutin'!

Welcome to the TTF Shoutbox! Please do not abuse, or it will be withdrawn. Thank-you.
Jazz Man Crothers: ANTE-UP!!!! Aug 24, 2023 12:45:29 GMT -5
Hoist: Paaaanrific! Jul 29, 2023 19:48:13 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: #1 SUPER GUY!! Jul 29, 2023 17:58:20 GMT -5
Hoist: Jazz Man Crothers??! Here comes Hoist Kong Phooey! Jul 28, 2023 6:19:30 GMT -5
reddtherage: ok Jul 17, 2023 10:39:10 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: Make your own soldier-size canon. Remember, you can do what you want in Vector Sigma and use the CCG as a guide. When it comes to RPG characters, the submitted profile may have to be altered to strict CCG standards. Jul 16, 2023 23:21:28 GMT -5
reddtherage: so, I wanted to make a new custom transformer that is rp ready today, based upon some concept art I found, but the issue is that I need him to be a solder not a brute size transformer and is also a tank. can I modify the mega-cannon alt mode to fit or no? Jul 16, 2023 20:20:25 GMT -5
Hoist: Good thanks. you? Jul 9, 2023 4:29:48 GMT -5
Nebulous: Hi folks, how we doing? :) Jul 8, 2023 19:08:36 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: As a Canadian, those two words would be, "I'm sorry." Jul 2, 2023 21:57:40 GMT -5
Hoist: I thought that was gonna go WWE style, "If you don't like it, I got two words for ya!...." Jul 2, 2023 7:07:54 GMT -5 *
Jazz Man Crothers: If you don't like the new TTF colours (though you should!) do like South Park and blame Canada. :D Jun 30, 2023 23:43:04 GMT -5
Hoist: We need new recruits... Apr 22, 2023 7:09:47 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: Are we going to have a new Renegade character and player in the near future??? (Looks at RedtheRage) Apr 14, 2023 19:30:22 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: If we yell "Renegades.... REACTIVATE!!!" does Heavy Assault appear? Mar 29, 2023 1:36:55 GMT -5
Hoist: BIMP! Feb 22, 2023 11:05:51 GMT -5
THE REAL HEAVYASSAULT!!!!: CRASH AND BURN!!!! Feb 16, 2023 13:11:18 GMT -5
Hoist: Renegades.... REACTIVATE!!! Dec 11, 2022 21:57:26 GMT -5
Galra Keith: Thanks Jazz Aug 25, 2022 18:41:15 GMT -5
Jazz Man Crothers: Welcome GK!! Aug 25, 2022 11:08:05 GMT -5
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