Renegade RP: Episodes 1 - 9, 2002 - 2007.

THE INVASION TRILOGY (Episodes 1 - 3): Invasion, Minicon Rescue, The Virus.

ORDER OUT OF CHAOS TRILOGY (Episodes 4 - 6): - Paradise Lost, The Last Exit Out Of Iacon, Moment Of Truth.

SPARKS OF DARKNESS TRILOGY (Episodes 7 - 8): Battle Cry, Anarchy Rising - The Revenge of Scarrunner.

Episode 9: END TIMES.

Ep9 Order in Chaos
by Indelible
May 10, 2007 6:26:43 GMT -5
Renegade RP 2010 - 2016

Features The Omega Kingdom & No Masters, No shakles

Eons after Episode 9, the Renegades return for brand new RP adventures, a new generation of misfits. With no wars in over 10 million years, just who would want to go and start one now?

Moderator: Hoist

Sub-board: 'The Omega Kingdom

Sign ups for Renegade RPG and OOC Comments
by Aqualec
Dec 22, 2010 19:51:00 GMT -5
The Almost Complete Beast Wars [Ft. EP#1 of BM]

Due to a Proboards bug a few years ago or more, we lost episodes 1 - 2.

Also features the first & only episode of it's sequel RP Beast Machines.

EP #3 The Island
by Rainstorm & Squirtle
May 22, 2004 10:50:52 GMT -5
Vice RPG

Rainstorm's new RPG, based in the same time as the Renegade story.

The Vice Program (RPG sub history)
by Rainstorm & Squirtle
May 23, 2004 12:24:13 GMT -5
TF: Legionaires

In the far future Megatron has created the ultimate clone army, to conquer new worlds, and to many degrees it was a sucess, but after one transport was saboutaged the Decepticon "Legions" squad go to locate the remains of the clone army in desperate ploy to turn this war around. Little did they bank on the elite Autobot Squad the "Mechs" trying to get there first..

Moderator: Hoist

Autobot battle team
by Ironhide
Sept 19, 2006 7:16:16 GMT -5
EarthForce: Episodes 1-3

The Freedom & Tyranny Trilogy - Battle Lines, Resurrection, Rise Of The Autobots, Dawn Of The Decepticons

EF: The Freedom & Tryanny trilogy summaries
by Hoist
Feb 16, 2005 11:09:29 GMT -5
Machine Wars

Episode #1: Doomsday, Episode #2: The Wrath Of Primus

MW: Ep#2 OOC Thread
by Neo Calrissian
Feb 11, 2010 6:07:12 GMT -5
Movie Sequel RP: Episode 1 - 3

A sequel to the 2007 movie, this trilogy takes place 4 years after the movie as a new wave of Decepticons under Starscream try and take Earth!

In orbit of Earth / Plato Beach [Locron]
by $hØ©Këyë
Sept 17, 2010 4:09:28 GMT -5
Beast Wars: Ascension RP

The last Predacon had left, Cybertron was at last in peace. In deep space aboard Cybertron HQ's, the Maximal Peacekeeping Corps (MPC) receive a SOS distress signal. When they arrive they are shot down and soon find there's more to this planet than meets the eye..

by Hoist
Jun 19, 2010 16:13:06 GMT -5
The Broken Planet - A War For Cybertron RP

With the Autobots having left Cybertron leaving a skeleton crew headed by Optimus Prime, the remaining Autobots still have to stop Megatron who is continuing to experiment with Dark Energon with deadly plans to use it to ignite the planets defenses and planerty core engines and turn it into a deadly planetry killing machine..

Moderator: Hoist

Ch7: SPY INSIDE THE MACHINE (Autobot thread)
by Jazzman Crothers
Dec 16, 2012 13:25:25 GMT -5
GOFSP: When A Good Mech Goes to War

[ON HIATUS] Until there is a time to continue.
The next saga in the Guns of Fort St Pyrotron.

Cybertron, Iacon. Currently the hunting ground of Lord Straxus and his army of fanatical Decepticons. It is nearly half a deca-cycle since a massive Autobot offensive, known as Operation: Plaugeswarm, failed, and the ringleaders, Hellraiser and Lightningrod, two of Optimus Prime's closest consorts, were brutally killed in battle. The legacy is broken and with the Autobot combat troops almost halved, Lord Straxus takes the opportunity to declare the war won. The Autobots, officially, no longer exist.

A handful of mechs, the final survivors of Plaugeswarm, left their refuge at Fort St Pyrotron after coming into contact with the hugely powerful entity known as the Spark of Prime Nova, and are travelling across the wastes to Iacon, to meet up with an intrepid band of 'ex' Autobots. They come to recruit, steal, assassinate, and re-ignite the Prime cause. They think they've won. Prove them wrong.

GOFSP OOC; Questions and discussion thread
by Neo Calrissian
Jul 5, 2013 8:14:25 GMT -5

Cybertron, home world of the Transformers -the children of Primus. Eons before the first civil war, Cybertron lived in peace under the guidance of the Original 13 Transformers. Of those 13, the one known as Prima guarded the most cherished artifact on Cybertron, the one link the Transformers had to their creator, the Matrix. Within his Star Saber, Prima maintained balance on Cybertron, and it was to remain so until the last star in the universe burned out. Or so it was meant to be. The Quintessons dominated the peaceful planet and assumed total control. No one knew where they came from and why they enslaved Cybertron. As a final insurance to keep the Transformers under control, their spirits were broken when the Quintessons destroyed all knowledge of Primus, Unicron and the Matrix. Prima himself disappeared, his fate unknown. The Transformers, are now slaves to merciless masters; left with no hope for freedom, except for the rumours and the fables that a great warrior race will emerge from their ranks, lead by one of the original 13 Transformers and that the Matrix will one day resurface.

Moderator: Jazzman Crothers

Blademaster RPG OOC
by Hoist
Sept 4, 2014 2:49:03 GMT -5
TF Prime: Wreckers

Set some time after the Exodus of Cybertron, and apart from the TV series. Follows The Wreckers, who travel about the galaxy, hunting Decepticons of note. Although Their numbers had dwindled over the years, they are still a force not to be underestimated. They take the offensive to the Decepticons instead of hiding away, systematically taking out Decepticon threats, hot on the trail of a Decepticon warlord, and science mad Thunderwing. The Wreckers will continue their mission to the bitter end.

Moderator: Onix Solo

Wreckers OOC
by Hoist
Apr 14, 2015 18:04:49 GMT -5

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