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"In Times Of War,you can only trust yourself"

Cybertron, The great war.

In a time of escalating war, things are not looking good for the Autobots. The Decepticons seem to always be one step ahead, and to add to their troubles their leader, Optimus Prime seems to be out of character after the death of one of their own. Everyone is en-trenched in warfare, but no one is listening, no one is questioning.. When Field Medic Latyrx7, originally one of 10 search and rescue bots, returns to Cybertron via his old friend Ratchet, he suspects there is more than meets the eye at the underground headquarters of Autobot HQ

Latyrx7 is convinced something extremely questionable is occuring, that something is very wrong. When Latyrx7 is sent on a dangerous mission along with Hoist and other Autobots to investigate and Find Optimus all they find is a rogue Vehicon named HeavyAssault. The crew are forced to returning to HQ with HeavyAssault upon news of Optimus’ return.They are taken away to the Autobot holding cells and relieved of their weapons and clamped with inhibitors to stop their abilities as more empties are mysteriously rounded up by the Decepticons. Only HeavyAssault knows why, a terriblly evil plan by the new governor of Darkmount, Scarunner under Megatron and Shockwave. With our heros escaping with HeavyAssault and headed to Darkmount they try and stop the total destruction of the Autobot Moon bases and low and behold any bot who stands in their way.

Eons pass, and when Optimus Prime dies, his successor Rodimus Prime, formerly the Autobot has other things to worry about as well as the great burden of following in Prime's shadow. With the Renegades recruiting many and massing a small army, they continue to take matters of the wart into their own hands, no longer held back by Autobot protocols and rules. With reports coming in of Autobots trying to stop them, news comes of them attacking their own kind - the Autobots. Whether rumour or truth, no-one is sure, but it only pushes Rodimus Prime into taking a bold action and issuing a sum on each of these "Renegade Autobots' head. Over-time they become escape-goats for the failures in the Autobot chain of command, military, war, anything where oil will stick, they are easily blamed, whether they are guilty or not. Fighting to clear they're name, as well as restore order to Cybertron, the Renedages are fighting, fighting for they're lives. In time they clear they're name, and even ally with the Autobots after saving Cybertron numerous times like at the Jekka Ampitheatre, even though the Autobots till try to take some credit. They become heroes of Cybertron, but peace will never last, and frail alliances with the Autobots continue to hold thin ice. War continues, and although the Renegades clear their name; only small battles are won in the greater on-going war with the Renegades doing all they can in their own unique way. Time passes, and as the ocasional quiet patches come and go, so too do the Renegades. Noone knows why for sure, some leave the planet, some die, some just dissappear becoming only ghosts of history, descending down into myth, and legend.

It has been over one hundreds vorns since any conflict was has been fought on Cybertron. Names such as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are nothing but the heroes and villains of the past. The Beast Wars themselves are also a period, now only spoken about in the lessons of Cybertron's history. It's a time of peace, prosperity and change. For many years, the Autobot were the caretakers of their planet, their leaders watch over Cybertron and government officials took care of their states, with no Matrix bearer. No one had been worthy enough to answer the call and become the new Prime. Until now.

Optanica Prime..